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1. These terms and conditions ( "Terms and Conditions") govern and determine this web site and / or its applications provided by For Fit Ltd. / hereinafter referred to as the SITE/.

2. These Terms and Conditions constitute a contract that governs the relationship between For Fit Ltd. and the users of the services provided by the site. These Terms and Conditions apply to the whole content on this Site.

3. A Website, for the purpose of these Terms and Conditions, is a special place in the global Internet network, accessible through its unique address where a set of web pages are loaded through the user's browser upon the web address entry.

4. By visiting this website you hereby duly grant your full consent to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the Site and all the other conditions, in relation to and arising from and by its use. Your consent is considered granted by using the Site, its every menu category or sub-category, section or subsection, as well as by the emergence, development and termination of any legal relations arising from and by the use of this website.

5. By visiting this website you hereby duly grant your full consent for the collection and use of your personal information for the use of the site and all relations arising from or connected with the site. By registering and using the Site, you are bound to both the current configuration of the website, and all changes to it, made in the form of additions and changes or development of new menus, categories, sections and others. Provided you do not agree with the above or do not want to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of this Site, you are not permitted to use, visit, or enter into any legal relations with the site.

6. The site is provided by For Fit Ltd.

7. A Client, for the purpose of these Terms and Conditions, can be any individual, sui juris, who is willing to use or benefit from the services provided by For Fit Ltd.

8. The words "you" and "user" refer to all persons who use the Site.

9. By Your actions related to registration, using the services of the website, including using the information available on the site yourketo.diet without registration, you agree with the "Terms and Conditions".

10. The use of the Site does not grant you, as "consumers", any ownership rights over the content, data and materials available to you through the site.

11. An IP address is a unique identifier, associated with a computer, website or resource of a particular visitor in a way that allows localization in the global Internet network.

Изменения в “Условиях”

12. The management of the Site reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time without any notice in any way to its users and clients, undertaking that the bottom of the front page of yourketo.diet always have a connection to the current "Terms and Conditions".

13. If you continue to use the Site after the changes, you certify that you agree with the changes.

14. If you disagree with the current "Terms and Conditions" or any later version, you should not use the site.


15. The service offered by the site is generating an individual diet. The latter is produced by special software through a specially created algorithm as per customer responses that are analyzed and a food and / or training mode is generated.

15.1. The cost is fully described and fixed in the site, as the same is payable prior to granting the individual diet in the way expressly stated in the site.